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These designs that I am putting in is Copyrighted and is not to be put on any other site. Thank you.



glass plate

1 yd. double ruffled lace

tacky glue


2 bunches of flowers of your choice

wire cutters

1 1/2 yds. matching 1" ribbon

6" piece of floral wire

medal plate holder

DIRECTIONS Make sure palte is clean before starting. Go down about 3/4" and glue the doubled lace around the plate. take your ribbon and make a bow with a total of 10 loops. Get floral wire and put around the center of bow and twist it so this secure's the bow. Glue bow to the center of plate. You can place something on top of the bow to help hold it in place. While the lace and bow are drying, remove flowers and leaves from the stems. Arrange the flowers around the bow the way you like them and than glue. Take leaves and cut the ones that maybe attached. Just glue leaves where ever you feel you need them. Let everything completely dry. Place plate on it's holder and now it's ready for display.



glass plate

13" x 13" piece of lace material


sponge brush

Aleenes Tacky Glue

glitter glue

glue gun

gardenia vine

few extra flowers to add to vine that matches

about 1 yd of 1 3/8" print ribbon

6" piece of wire for bow

about 1 yd. of 1" flat lace

1/2 yd string beads

medal plate holder

Make sure plate is clean beofre you get started. Cover plate with Aleen's Tacky Glue using your sponge brush. Get your material and place it on the plate and than smoth it out. Let it dry enough for you to trim of the extra material hanging off the plate. Take the glitter glue and go around edge of the plate covering the raw edges of the material. Let dry. Now take the vine and arrange it on the plate to one side adding the axtra flowers were needed. After it's arranged the way you like it than glue them in place with the glue gun. Take the lace and place it on top of the ribbon and make a bow with a total of about 6 loops.Use wire to secure the bow. Glue bow towards the top of plate at the edge of the vine. Fold beads in half and place in the bow and glue. Beads will hang down the tail of bow. Let all dry completely before putting the plate on the stand.

Grandma's or Mom's Paddle


small amount of material of your choice



about 1/2 yd ruffled lace

thin wood, like something the size of one of those paint stirs you get in the hardware department. Needs a small hole at top to for hanging.

glue gun

flowers or whatever you would like to use to decorate

small piece of matching ribbon about 1/4" wide

Cut 2 medium size hears out of the material. With wrong sides together, leaving an opening at the top center of heart, place ruffled lace to the inside and sew around the heart. Turn heart to the right side. lace shoud be showing. Stuff heart with the fiberfill. Place stick half way inside the heart. Using glue glue glue the opening closed. Gluing it to the stick. Decorate as desired. With small piece of ribbon put through hole at top of woodand tie. This mkaes the hanging loop. Optional: on a piece of blank index card or piece of paper write Grandma's Paddle or Mom's paddle. Hang where you want.

Note: The materials listed is what I used. You can use anything you want that is laying around the house. PLus for all patterns that are here, I had bought bags of bits and pieces of flowers at Wal-Mart and JoAnn Fabrics. You can come up with anything really with just junk laying around.


styrofoam with opening. Mine came from buying a toaster. The toaster had to end pieces of stryofoam and this is how I got the idea.

piece of cardboard to fit inside the opening of the styrofoam

about 1/8 yds. of material

1/2 yrds. white ruffled lace

Aleenes Tacky Glue


wire cutters

some flower pieces you make have laying around

20" long piece of string of pearls

4 buttons

tiny pieces of ribbon (cut up pieces)

1/2 of 1/8" ribbon for bow


Cover the piece of cardboard with material using the glue. Put aside to dry. In the meantime cover the front and sides of styrofoam with glue. Place in center of left over material. Let it dry some. On the front cut from the center to the corners. You will have something like an X cut. Put glue on the inside around the edges. Put center material to the inside over the glue. Let it dry some and than trim of any excess material. Turn over to where you see the front. Trim flowers if needed using the wire cutters. Glue flowers in one corner and glue some to the bottom corner to the opposite side. Cut pearls in half and glue one to each side going from on group on flowers to the other. Glue one button to each side of flowers. Tie ribbon in bow and glue to top corner. With tiny pieces of ribbon cut as if you were making confetti. On the opposite side of corner from the bow put little drops of glue and just throw the pieces of ribbon on it. Let set for a few minutes than shake off any lose ribbon. Glue ruffled lace around the inside of styrofoam. Let this dry completely. A 4" picture fits on the inside perfectly. The cardboard goes in behind the picture to help hold it in. You can decorate this anyway you want to.


styrofoam with opening

about 1/8 yds of material

a piece of cardboard to fit the inside of styrofoam

Tacky glue


wire cutters

3 roses, some small white flowers (vine type) and 4 smaller flowers to match the roses

small amount of babies breath

1/2 yd. string beads

1 2 1/4 yds. ruffled lace

2 decorative buttons


Cover the styrofoam and cardboard like you did in the first picture fame above. Once you have got the styrofoam ready than it is now ready for decorating. Here is what I did. On the outside of styrofoam do 3 rows of ruffled lace. Lace will over lap each other. Using wire cutters, trim flowers if needed. Glue roses across the top adding babies break in different places. Next glue the beads up one side than through the roses and down the other side. Glue buttons on eac end of the beads. Place the other flowers down one side and put in the bottom right corner. Let this all dry completely. Should fit a 4" picture. Cardboard goes on the inside to help hold picture in.

Note: The lace I used came from some lace curtains that I never used.


38"x14" piece of lace material

10" piece of string

fabric stiffener

bowl for the stiffener



1 large flower of your choice

about 6 smaller flowers to match the larger one

1 yd. of raffia ribbon

4" piece of floral wire to make hanger

wire cutters

Glue gun


Cover the cardboard with the wax paper and set aside. With the long side of the material facing you, gather material as if you are making a fan. Place string around the center of it and tie in a knot. Tie it as tight as tou can. Put stiffener in a bowl or you can use a plastic bag. Immerse the material in the stiffener. Remove it squeezing out as much of the stiffener as you can. Lay it on the covered cardboard. Lay out the material to look like a fan and let dry over night. After this is dry, take the raffia ribbon and tie it in a bow in the center of the fan over the string. Cut flowers off of the stem using the wire cutters and remove the leaves also. Arrange flowers above the raffia, putting the large flower in the center and arranging the smaller ones around the larger one. After you have them the way you like then glue them in place. Take the leaves and just glue some anywhere in with the flowers. Place a pice of wire in the back of bow and twist both ends together to make a hanging loop.


2 pieces of lace material about 9"x9" each

3/4 yds of ruffled lace

sewing machine or sewing needle

matching sewing thread


wire cutters


Tacky glue or glue gun

small amount of small flowers

1/2 yds. string of beads

about 1/2 yds of 1/8" each of 2 different color ribbon

wooden frame holder


Cut 2 hearts the same size from the lace material. Make sure when putting the ruffled lace around heart that you put it to the inside so that when you turn the right side out that the ruffle is on the outside. Put the ruffled lace between the two hearts and sew together with sewing machine or needle (which ever you perfer) making sure you leave an opening for putting in the potpouri inside. After sewing heart together turn right side out and stuff with potpouri. After filling heart with the potpouri than with the sewing needle sew opening close. Take flowers and arrange at the top center of heart the way you want. Glue in place. Holding ribbons together tie in a bow and glue at top of the flowers. Cut string of beads in half. Take one of the string of beads and fold in half and one to each side of the flower arrangement. Tucking the center of the string of beads as far to the inside of flowers as you can. The beads will just dangle down. Glue a small flower to the center of the bow. You can place this heart anywhere you want. Make a hanger with ribbon and hang it in your closet or throw it in a drawer or you can put it on a wooden frame holder and set it on a shelf some where.

These patterns are copyrighted. Please do not remove them from this site.

copyrighted ©Jennie Lute 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

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